Small Asset Size CUs

The Capitol Area Chapter Executive Committee members have approved appropriation of funds for small asset sized (SAS) credit unions in the chapter under $25 million in assets.

The funds are to be used for league, chapter, or CUNA-sponsored training, credit union oriented educational materials and/or to meet state examination requirements for various products.Your credit union is eligible for $350. If funds are not used during the calendar year, they will remain with in the chapter budget to be utilized in whatever manner the chapter executive members deem necessary.

Credit unions will submit their receipts or their request for funds to the Capitol Area Chapter Executive Committee for pre-approval or for reimbursements to:

Colleen Munro
Sagelink Credit Union
311 N Saginaw St
Durand, MI 48429

Each individual credit union CEO will be responsible for maintaining their own record of funds used. The Capitol Area Chapter Executive Committee’s Treasurer will only keep a record of the total dollar amount to be disbursed among the SAS credit unions.

The Capitol Chapter Executive Committee is proud to be able to support its smaller credit unions and hope that these funds will be used for the betterment of your credit union.